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Hef%27s Reasoning Paper 1

Be very careful when typing in your answers.

1. (stretch, easy, loose) (pull, tight, take)
dirty, clean, rot, decay,
2. Underline the two words, one from each group, which are the most opposite in meaning. (once, then, here) (never, open, now) Type in your answer leaving a SINGLE SPACE between the two words.
eat, consume, join, attract,
3. (awake, dark, hollow) (solid, open, confused)
black, red distant learning , light, pale,
extend, enlarge, side, back, easy, late,
then now, now then, language , ,
6. Underline the pair of words most similar in meaning. Example come, go roam, wander fear, fare Answer = roam, wander
large tiny, tiny large, , quiz builder ,
7. (second, minute, first) (hour, third, final)
quiz builder , ,
hollow solid, solid hollow, , web 2.0 ,
9. (large, hairy, wild) (tiny, untidy, cold)
class website , ,