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Call Numbers P/E/EC/J Fiction

The call number on every fiction book has two parts. The first part shows the collection (or group) the book belongs to in the library; the second part is the first three letters of the author%27s last name. Try to match the call number with the correct author.

Kimberly Brubak Bradley , Colin Meloy , Deborah Ellis , Tomie DePaola, Ann Cameron, Eva Ibbottson, R.L. Stine, Tony Crunk, Deborah Hopkinson school , Frank Boyce, Susan Applegate , Sara Pennypacker, Don Freeman, Anna Dale, Daniel Nesquens, J. Patrick Lewis , Marie-Louise Gay, Tom Angleberger , Jan Brett, Juanita Havill, Lenore Look distant learning , Jef Kaminsky, Jeannie Bakerweb page, Ann Martin,

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