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Book Vocabulary 3

Click on the vocabulary and then click on its definition.

spine, responsible, publisher, text crossword maker , title page, copyright date learning , respect, title, illustrator, fiction, cover, author quiz generator , nonfiction class page , call number, borrow, barcode,

gives true facts and information, shows the title, author, and publisher, the book%27s address in the library, someone who can be trusted to do the right thing, the person who writes the book, the company that makes the book computer assisted language learning , the book%27s number in the computer, holds the book together, protects the pages, has a front and back, the person who draws the pictures class page , name of the book, a made-up story, all of the words in the book print quizzes , to check out a book from the library, to treat people, animals, and things with care and honor, the year the book was made,