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Phrasal verbs with SET, STAND and RUN

Check your oil before ____ on a long journey., She%27s always __ her husband __ in front of their friends., I ____ Mary in town yesterday. online quizzes , The people were ____ by a truck and killed., We%27ll need someone to __ you while you%27re away., I%27ve ____ a huge bill on my credit card. e-learning , What does UFO ____?, He was starting to play very well, but his injury has really _ him_. english , She began ____ plates and glasses., I need to mend the roof before winter ____., The thief was seen ____ from the shop., If you don%27t ____ him, he%27ll treat you like dirt. online quizzes , I%27m going to keep travelling until my money ____., She gave a talk on ____ a business., I wanted to __ my thoughts __ on paper., This building ___ from the rest because of its superior design,

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