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Preposition Challenge!

1. I go ( ) school by train.
to, of, at, in
2. I bought this cake ( ) you.
for, in, at, by
3. He likes to ride ( ) a car
in, by, on, with
4. Please look ( ) this picture.
at educational activities , in, of, to
5. She came here ( ) Canada.
from, at web 2.0 , of, in
6. He took ( ) his jacket.
off, to, on, from
7. She couldn%27t do it, so she gave ( ).
up short answer questions , to, out, for
8. Mr. Green tried ( ) the jacket, but it was too small.
on, up, in, off
9. The teacher handed ( ) the test.
out, from, on, to
10. Please shut ( ) your computers.
down, up, on, for
11. What time do you get ( ) in the morning?
up, to, down, from
12. short answer questions Dave doesn%27t like going in to McDonald%27s. He always uses the drive ( ).
through, out, around, along
13. It was Mary%27s first time on a unicycle. She fell ( ) many times.
off, on, out, in
14. What do you do on the weekends? I like to hang ( ) with my friends.
out, to, up, for