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New Friends 2 13/1

Połącz połówki zdań.

At twelve o%27clock we go to the hot, She meets, Millions of tourists, My mum and I, We watch him too and, Then we go to the fruit, First we go to the clothes, We live, You can buy things, I love, The tourists watch him, There isn%27t school, Then we carry our bags and, It%27s a very interesting prepare quiz , Our favourite stall, He does new,

from around the world., we eat our hot dogs., and vegetable stalls., and famous market. learning , stalls., we go home. grading , tricks every Saturday., very near Portobello Market., and take photos. crossword maker , us at the market., Saturday mornings!, walk to the market every year., dog stall., go there every year., sells great jeans and T-shirts., at the weekend.,