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Matura Voc: School 2b basic

1. szkoła tylko dla dziewcząt lub chłopców
a single-sex school, to do homework, a blackboard, to be at a class
2. wykładowca
a lecturer, to get into university, a coeducational school, an exam paper
3. tablica
a blackboard, to make mistakes, hard-working, an exam paper
4. kreda
chalk, to memorize, ambitious, the staff room
5. sekretariat
the office, to make mistakes, an exam paper, the staff room
6. pokój nauczycielski
the staff room, winter break, to give a test, to do homework
7. dostać się na uniwersytet
to get into university, winter break, to give a test, an exam paper
8. być na lekcji
to be at a class, motivating, Business Studies, to revise for
9. odrabiać pracę domową
to do homework, to memorize online learning games , to revise for, ambitious
10. popełniać błędy
to make mistakes, ambitious, motivating, chalk
11. dostać ocenę
to get a mark, a blackboard, motivating, the office
12. improve results uczyć się na pamięć
to memorize, chalk, winter break, an exam paper
13. wziąć udział w lekcji
to take part in a lesson, a lecturer, the staff room, a blackboard
14. wakacje
holidays, the staff room quiz generator , a blackboard, to do homework
15. przerwa zimowa
winter break, an exam paper, Art, to get into university
16. arkusz egzaminacyjny
an exam paper, to take part in a lesson, a coeducational school, hard-working
17. powtarzać
to revise for, to get into university, Business Studies, a lecturer
18. dać test
to give a test, to make mistakes, to get into university, Business Studies
19. plastyka
Art, the staff room, a blackboard, an exam paper
20. przedsiębiorczość
Business Studies, chalk, to be at a class, a lecturer
21. computer assisted language learning ambitny
ambitious, holidays, a coeducational school, to revise for
22. pracowity
hard-working, the office, a lecturer, to do homework
23. motywujący
motivating, to do homework, a lecturer, Art