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U4 Kakunin Test

1. What time do you (____ ___ _____)?
ten past five, ten to five, five to ten, five past ten,
2. Choose the correct time: 9:45
half past eleven, half past ten, ten thirteen, eleven thirteen,
3. What (____ ___ ____)?
one five, five to one, one oh five multiple choice questions , five oh one,
4. I take the train ( ) 6:58.
take the train, take a train, taking a train, taking the tran,
5. I take the train at 4:30 in the morning.
time is it, time do you, is the clock, are the time,
6. Write the time in English: 5:00
in, on, of,
7. Write the time in English: 6:20
Fried chicken!, I like apples!, Banana cake!,
8. Choose the correct time: 5:10
five o%27clock, Five o%27clock, , results ,
9. 1:05
Six twenty, six twenty, Twenty past six, Twenty after six, twenty past six, twenty after six, Forty to six, forty to six, Forty of six, forty of six, , ,