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As we enter church and bless ourselves with holy water, Baptism is a sacrament of, At Baptism the Holy Spirit, White Garment create online activities , Baptismal Candle create online tests , Our parents and godparents professed , We work together with other members of the Church, Water, Sign of the Cross, The godparents promise to save time , The priest or deacon says, %22I baptize you... learning , Original sin is the sin of, Jesus was baptized by, Sacred Chrism, Being annoited means that the person receives, At Baptism we are forgiven of language ,

...the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.%22, to spread God%27s goodness. class web page , A sign that the baptized person is to be a light of the world just like Jesus., Reminds us of the Trinity build your own quiz , A sign that the baptized person will continue to spread God%27s goodness., their belief in the Trinity., initiation., unites us with Christ and the Church, Sign of Jesus%27 Death and Ressurrection and symboizes being clean of sin , to help the child grow as a follower of Christ., God%27s grace to spread Christ%27s message., A sign of starting a new life as a follower of Jesus educational activities , John the Bapist., Original Sin class page , Adam and Eve passed on to all human beings. generate answer keys , we are reminded of our Baptismal promise.,