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The godparents promise to , Sacred Chrism, We work together with other members of the Church, Water, As we enter church and bless ourselves with holy water, Baptismal Candle, Original sin is the sin of, Our parents and godparents professed , Sign of the Cross, At Baptism the Holy Spirit, At Baptism we are forgiven of online , Being annoited means that the person receives, White Garment, The priest or deacon says, %22I baptize you..., Baptism is a sacrament of help students assimilate material , Jesus was baptized by create online activities ,

A sign of starting a new life as a follower of Jesus, John the Bapist., unites us with Christ and the Church, Sign of Jesus%27 Death and Ressurrection and symboizes being clean of sin , to help the child grow as a follower of Christ., Adam and Eve passed on to all human beings., Original Sin, Reminds us of the Trinity, God%27s grace to spread Christ%27s message., A sign that the baptized person will continue to spread God%27s goodness. printable , initiation., ...the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.%22, A sign that the baptized person is to be a light of the world just like Jesus., we are reminded of our Baptismal promise., their belief in the Trinity., to spread God%27s goodness. tool for teachers ,