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Windows 7 Tools/Utilities - Terms %26 Definitions

%22Familiarize%22 yourself with the terms and definitions using online flash cards. When you choose %22Familiarize%22, you can control the way the flash cards are displayed using the options at the bottom. When you are ready to test what you%27ve learned, reload the URL and choose %22Solve%22 to match the Windows 7 Tool/Utility with its corresponding purpose/function. You can choose any of the 3 %22Matching Type%22 activities to test your skills. Try all 3!

recenv.exe, [F8] on boot, taskmgr.exe (taskman.exe), System Repair Disk, cmd.exe results , Windows Update, bootcfg.exe, perfmon.exe, gpedit.msc, Compatibility Mode, sfc.exe, Microsoft Management Console, Safe Mode, Resource Monitor, Windows Defender, mdsched.exe, System Image interactive , msconfig.exe, sigverif.exe, Advanced Boot Options Menu, Backup %26 Restore educational games , msinfo32.exe, cleanmgr.exe, Windows Firewall, Event Viewer, Network %26 Sharing Center, Device Manager quiz generator , Error Reporting, ntbtlog.txt, Services Console, verifier.exe, diskmgmt.msc,

Use to change policies controlling users and computers, View and manage network and homegroup settings, Puts stress on selected drivers in order to crash problem driver build your own quiz , Use to verify a driver installed with no errors; devmgmt.msc, Accessed by pressing [F8] key during boot, Identify process or service hogging system resources, Displays the Advanced Boot Menu Option, Logs errors for hardware, security %26 system problems , Delete unused files to free up disk space online learning games , Displays info about hardware, applications %26 Windows , Use to verify Windows system file versions, Lean OS launched from hard drive, repair disc or DVD, View %26 change hard drive partitions; format hard drive, Use to access the Command Prompt Window, Maintains a history of past problems %26 solutions, In Action Center; resolves legacy application %26 driver issues, Use to test memory; can enter at command prompt educational activities , When used, all data on Windows volume is lost; Use RE to install, Use to identify a performance bottleneck educational games , Customize using individual snap-in tools, Alerts you if a running program is damaging the system , Use logged events here to investigate startup errors, Loads the minimum Windows configuration, You control which folders to back up; only 1 backup schedule, searches for unsigned, installed drivers, Use to view the contents of the boot.ini file, Use to stop or start a service running in the background educational games , Disable startup programs %26 services for troubleshooting, Create using Backup %26 Restore tool; use to boot the Windows RE prepare quiz , Use to list and stop currently running processes, Use to download latest patches from Microsoft web site, Prevent or filter uninvited communication from another pc,