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Past simple or Present perfect?

Complete the sentences with the correct option.

1. There%27s nobody! Where _______ _________?
Have /been, Did / go, Have / gone,
2. I _________ never _____________ a car before!
%27ve bought, bought, has bought,
3. My team __________ the Champions League before.
%27ve been, went create online tests , don%27t go build your own quiz , %27ve gone,
4. She __________ a horrible dress at the party.
Did you read, She reads, Have you read,
5. She __________ him yesterday.
was, were, has been, went,
6. What ____________ for lunch?
had, %27ve had, was,
7. She _______________ her ideal man up to now.
didn%27t tell, hasn%27t told online , told,
8. Our teacher _____________ Japanese and French.
have you travelled, you travel, did you travel class page ,
9. He ________________ me about his plans yet.
Have they speaken, Did they speak, Have they spoken,
10. ______ you ever ________ to Rome?
arrived, went create online activities , have gone distant learning , have been,
11. I ______________ blond hair once.
didn%27t / drive, %27ve / driven, have / drove,
12. Up to now I ___________________ any trouble with my old car.
wore, wear, has worn,
13. My uncle works in television. He ____________ many famous people.
has bought, bought, buyed,
14. He _________ at home yesterday.
didn%27t meet, has met, hasn%27t met,
15. _____________ to you?
wrote, %27ve written, have wrote,
16. It%27s the first time she _______________ snails.
ate, %27s eaten, didn%27t eat,
17. How ___________________ to Paris?
had, didn%27t have, haven%27t had, have had,
18. She __________ a new car. Do you like it?
have/invited, did / invite, haven%27t / invited, %27ve / invite,
19. I ______________ German last year
is / done, %27s /done, hasn%27t / done, did / do,
20. We aren%27t going to spend our holidays in Sardinia because we _______ already ________ there many times.
%27ve studied, study, studied, didn%27t studied,
21. My brother ____________ me a book for my birthday.
%27ve / drunk, didn%27t / drink, have / drunken, have / drank,
22. No, thanks. I ___________ already _______ too much!
didn%27t / go, have/been, have / gone distance learning , haven%27t / been,
23. I can%27t invite him because I ___________ already ________ too many people.
did they go, have they been, have they gone, are they gone,
24. ____________ any book by Agatha Christie?
did you eat, have you got learning , has she eaten, did she ate,
25. Mary __________ already ________ the washing.
%27s met, met, didn%27t met, has meet,
26. We _______________ at school late yesterday.
has given, %27s gave, gave, didn%27t gave,
27. My dad ____________ me a bike for my birthday.
has met, met, didn%27t met create online quizzes , hasn%27t meet,
28. We ________________ a letter in our English exam.
have learned, has learnt, learned assess performance ,
29. I _____ just ______ Pam.
never won, didn%27t never win, has never won,