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restructuring ing

watchdog, rights issue, to divest (yourself of sth), to pledge, calamitous, proceeds, dismay, acquisition, an arm, to levy, conglomerate, dilution, to dismember, subdued, payout (an insurance p.), punitive (p. measures), squarely, to spook, core, subsequent, to retrench, implication,

niewatpliwie english , przytłumiony, przygaszony, nabytek, (ukryte) znaczenie computer assisted language learning , to divide a country / an organization into smaller parts, nakładać opłaty, niepokój, konsternacja, przerażenie, to get rid of , a section of an organization that deals with 1 particular activity, karne, dochód, wpływy z czegoś, the most important part of sth, group of diverse companies run as a single organization, wysoka wypłata, wprowadzać oszczędności, obserwator, ciało nadzorujace, roztwór, to frighten, happening after sth else, kolejne, późniejsze, an offer to buy shares in a company at a cheaper price , disastrous, to promise sth formally,