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restructuring ing

core, acquisition, dilution, payout (an insurance p.), to divest (yourself of sth), implication interactive , dismay, squarely, calamitous activity , conglomerate, to levy, watchdog, rights issue, to pledge, punitive (p. measures), an arm activity , to spook, subsequent, subdued create online activities , proceeds, to retrench, to dismember,

the most important part of sth, an offer to buy shares in a company at a cheaper price interactive learning , to frighten, a section of an organization that deals with 1 particular activity, karne, niewatpliwie matching excercise , nakładać opłaty, roztwór, to divide a country / an organization into smaller parts learning , group of diverse companies run as a single organization, wprowadzać oszczędności teacher , happening after sth else, kolejne, późniejsze, to promise sth formally, dochód, wpływy z czegoś, disastrous, przytłumiony, przygaszony, to get rid of , wysoka wypłata, niepokój, konsternacja, przerażenie class web page , obserwator, ciało nadzorujace, nabytek, (ukryte) znaczenie,