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Basic English Quiz

Say your name., Say the name., Say a name., Say name.,
2. What is picture 14?
Repeat your name., Resay your name., Repeat the name., Resay the name.,
3. What is picture 2?
Spell your name., Spelling name., Spell the name., Spelling your name.,
4. What is picture 8?
Write your name., Wrote the name., Write a name., Writing name.,
5. What is picture 13?
Sign your name., Signing name. e-learning , Sign the name., Sign a name.,
6. What is picture 15?
Stand up., Stand it., Stand down., Stand desk.,
7. What is picture 4?
Go to the board., Go to board. online quizzes , Go board., Go to a board.,
8. What is picture 7?
Write on the board., Write up the board., Write at the board., Write in the board.,
9. What is picture 12?
Erase the board., Erase a board., Eraser board., Erase at a board.,
10. What is picture 3?
Sit down., Sit in., Sit out., Sit tight.,
11. What is picture 6?
Open your book., Open book., Open a books., Open close.,
12. What is picture 9?
Read 10., Read page 10., Reed page 10., Reed 10.,
13. What is picture 5?
Study page 10., Study 10., Stadee page 10., Stadee 10.,
14. What is picture 10?
Close your book., Close book., Close a books., Close open.,
15. What is picture 1?
Put away your book., Put your away book., Put book your away., Your away book put.,