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Mike #2 English Exam Prep (copy) (copy) (copy)

1. Poetry focusing on expressing emotions or thoughts
Lyric, Archetypal interactive , Epic, Absolute Phrase
2. 14 line lyric poem using iambic penameter %26 multiple rhyme
Sonnet, Blank Verse, Cause %26 Effect Development, Lyric
3. short answer questions Poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter
Blank Verse, Cause %26 Effect Development, Support, Lyric
4. Repetition of accented vowel sounds
Rhyme, Lyric, Biographical, Thesis
5. Alternating stressed %26 unstressed syllables (iambic)
Rhythm, Documenting Sources, Sonnet, Cause %26 Effect Development
6. teaching Author%27s attitude and feelings (mood) toward subject
Tone, Archetypal, Sonnet, Rhyme
7. Statement of purpose intent or main idea of essay
Thesis, Psychological, Documenting Sources, Transition
8. Functions as an adjective that adds information to a sentence
Absolute Phrase, Rhyme, Rhythm, Epic
9. To shorten or summarize information in own words
Paraphrase, Archetypal, Cause %26 Effect Development, Psychological
10. dynamic quiz Words %26 phrases tying ideas or paragraphs together
Transition, Blank Verse, Absolute Phrase, Psychological
11. Details that give information related to thesis
Support, Absolute Phrase print quizzes , Sonnet, Blank Verse
12. (Author%27s last name; page #) (%22Article Name%22)
Documenting Sources teacher , Paraphrase, Formalistic, Biographical
13. Because of A, B, %26 C, D occurred
Cause %26 Effect Development, Support, Biographical, Formalistic
14. Critical approach analyzing patterns in literature
Archetypal, Rhythm, Lyric, Absolute Phrase
15. Critical approach that looks at author%27s life
Biographical, Absolute Phrase, Sonnet, Transition
16. save time Critical approach analyzing structure: grammar, rhyme
Formalistic, Psychological, Epic, Sonnet
17. Critical Approach looking at how piece relates to history
Historical, Paraphrase, Rhyme, Absolute Phrase
18. Crit approach looking at logic, character%27s purpose, reason
Philosophical, Transition, Lyric, Blank Verse
19. Crit app -mental functioning of character %26 roles thru personality
Psychological, Formalistic, Rhyme, Documenting Sources