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Mike #2 English Exam Prep

Tone, Historical, Absolute Phrase, Blank Verse, Lyric, Thesis, Paraphrase, Rhythm, Biographical, Formalistic quiz builder , Rhyme, Transition, Sonnet, Epic, Psychological, Cause %26 Effect Development, Documenting Sources, Support, Philosophical, Archetypal,

Critical approach analyzing patterns in literature , Critical Approach looking at how piece relates to history, Functions as an adjective that adds information to a sentence, Statement of purpose intent or main idea of essay, Poetry focusing on expressing emotions or thoughts, Crit app -mental functioning of character %26 roles thru personality, Poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter, Words %26 phrases tying ideas or paragraphs together, Crit approach looking at logic, character%27s purpose, reason, Critical approach analyzing structure: grammar, rhyme , (Author%27s last name; page #) (%22Article Name%22), To shorten or summarize information in own words interactive , Details that give information related to thesis, Because of A, B, %26 C, D occurred, Alternating stressed %26 unstressed syllables (iambic), Critical approach that looks at author%27s life, Repetition of accented vowel sounds, Long narrative poem about a hero %26 quest told in formal languag create online tests , Author%27s attitude and feelings (mood) toward subject active teaching , 14 line lyric poem using iambic penameter %26 multiple rhyme,