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Go 1 (EGU 55)

Choose the correct word. Wybierz poprawne słowo.

1. The weather was warm and the river was clean, so we went ___ a swim.
on, to, -, with,
2. Jack goes ___ jogging every morning.
to, -, on, for,
3. Sue went ___ Mexico last year.
-, for, on, to,
4. I%27m going out ___ a walk.
to, for, -, on,
5. The taxi drivers went ___ strike when I was in New York.
for, on online quizzes , to, -,
6. Marting is going ___ holiday ___ Italy next week.
-, to, for, on,
7. It%27s late. I have to go ___ home now.
-,on, on, -, to, on online education , on, to,
8. I need some stamps, so I%27m going ___ the post office.
for, to, on, -,
9. Richard often goes ___ sailing.
to, on, -, for,
10. Shall we go out ___ dinner this evening?
on, -, for, to,
11. Would you like to go ___ tour of the city?
-, to, for, on,
12. I%27m going ___ China next week.
-, for, on, to,
13. My parents are going ___ a cruise this summer.
on, for learning , to class web page , -,
14. I%27m tired because I went ___ bed very late last night.
to, on, for, -,