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2012 Social Studies Final Exam Review

There are 60 questions. If you can make a 100%25 six times in a row, you will probably have seen all of the questions %26 you are likely to do well on the final.

Democracy is a type of government where, Tyranny is a type of government where , Republic is a type of government where, Nirvana online , Hellenistic Era, Farming Revolution %26 Permanent Settlements, polytheism, Rule of Law, Chinese inventions/discoveries, On a climograph, precipitation is represented by a , On a climograph, temperature is represented by a interactive learning , Torah prepare quiz , Samsara, Chinese philosophy of LEGALISM, When there%27s not enough for everyone to have ALL they want, Tip for determining direction between places, Oligarchy is a type of government where, Chinese philosophy of DAOISM, Canaan was made up of these 3 modern nations, Descriptions of the Pax Romana, Why do river valleys have high population density, Filial Piety, Civilizations are complex societies with:, Secondary Source, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam online quizzes , Reasons merchants only carried expen-sive goods on SR , Jesus, karma, steps to become an expert in craft in the Middle Ages save time , Contributions of the ancient Roman Empire, dharma, Black Death, Characteristics of the Athenian city-state, Characteristics of the Spartan city-state, Silk Road, monotheism help students assimilate material , Muhammad, Goal of Hinduism, What conditions helped Jewish ideas spread?, Qu%27ran, Justinian, Chinese philosophy of CONFUCIANISM, Medieval feudal hierarchy, How do Buddhists believe you can reach Nirvana? teaching , Why did Buddhism appeal to the poor %26 unprivileged, Alexander the Great, Examples of expensive items traded along the Silk Road, reincarnation, Egyptian accomplish-ments, Cardinal Directions online activities , Monarchy is a type of government where, Disciples, Augustus brought in the Pax Romana. What was it?, Primary Source, intermediate directions tool for teachers , What was the caste system? quiz , Correct format for writing coordinates, Hindus believe that all life is _________., Specialization, Siddhartha Gautama,

the belief in only one god, the idea of being reborn into another life, the strict social structure of ancient India, Apprentice Journeyman Master Crafts-man, Give up all desires by following the 8-fold path., there is NO king or queen and leaders are elected, NW, NE, SW, SE, Start at the %22FROM%22 %26 go to the %22TO%22 web tool , 200 years of peace %26 prosperity %22Roman Peace%22, sacred - that%27s why many are vegetarians, A surplus of crops meant not everyone had to be a farmer, 26-letter alpha-bet, roads, gov%27t, Christianity, aqueducts, etc., Release from the cycle of rebirth, Doing your duty - meeting the expectations of your class save time , The idea that what goes around comes around ESL , the idea that the law applies to everyone equally, North, East, South, West e-learning , Chinese idea of respect for elders, power is taken by force by someone with no legal right to rule, People learned to farm in one place - they were no longer nomads, democracy, focus on education %26 arts, lots of trade, Samsara - re-lease from cycle of rebirth (at one w/ Brahman), Turn to nature %26 stop worrying about earthly things, oligarchy, focus on war, women had freedoms, little trade, (Latitude #┬░NorS, Longitude #┬░EorW), civil service exam, saddle, stirrup, acupunc-ture, crossbow, king by 20, conquered vast empire, spread Greek culture, Byzantine emperor who rewrote laws for ease of reading, Enlightenment, a king or queen inherits the right to rule educational activities , King Nobles/Church Knights Peasants , Christians believe he is the Son of God %26 messiah e-learning , It did not defend the caste system, eye witness account - person was actually there, line graph, SCARCITY, reformed tax system, rebuilt Rome, profess-ional army, etc., Israel Jordan Lebanon, 4,000 mile long trade route from China to the Mediterranean, Prince from modern Nepal who founded Buddhism, power is in the hands of all of the citizens, society needs harsh rulers to force people to do what%27s right, Holy book of Judaism, Hebrew Bible translated into Greek %26 Romans scattered Jews, All monotheistic, all started in SW Asia/the Middle East create online quizzes , bar graph educational activities , source of fresh water, fertile land, trade %26 travel, time when Greek culture spread to non-Greeks of SW Asia dynamic quiz , Bubonic Plague which killed millions in the Middle Ages, a few wealthy nobles make all important decisions, Commentary on an even written by someone who wasn%27t there, the prophet of Islam, Hieroglyphics, embalming,papy-rus,medicine, 365-day calendar, Danger Difficulty High Taxes, Spices Tea Silk Porcelain, Society would be best if everyone would just do their duty, technology, religion, gov%27t, art, social groups, cities %26 writing, followers (in Christianity - followers of Jesus), the belief in many gods, Holy book of Islam,