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Spelling Words Day one

ligands, dose/dosage, agonist, dissociation help students assimilate material , drug, Psychopharmacolgy, mechanisms of actions, intrinsic activity, pharmacodynamics, activated/activation, effect, endogenous substance, affinity, binding/bound, indirect agonist, psychoactive drugs educational activities , exogenous substances online activities ,

capacity of chemical to be bound to a receptor, NOT Drugs hormones NT Peptides, chemicals produced within an organism that carry out biologic, response produced by the drug%27s action, the quantity of drug administered at one time, study of the effects of drugs on beh.,cog. fun.,emotions computer assisted language learning , drugs that do not combine, affinity and intrinsic activity to receptor short answer questions , what the drugs do to the body, how a drug produces its effect, drugs that alter beh., cog. fun. or emotions, when chemcial leaves receptor site, chemical occupies receptor, binds then activity, synthetic version of endogenous substances ie. drugs, a non-food chemcial that affects biological processes , capacity of chemical to activate receptor after bound, the process of a chemical occupying a receptor,