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Spelling Words Day one

drug, psychoactive drugs, ligands, intrinsic activity, indirect agonist, binding/bound web tool , exogenous substances, effect short answer questions , dose/dosage, pharmacodynamics, affinity, Psychopharmacolgy, endogenous substance, mechanisms of actions, dissociation, activated/activation, agonist,

capacity of chemical to activate receptor after bound, what the drugs do to the body, chemical occupies receptor, binds then activity online education , capacity of chemical to be bound to a receptor, synthetic version of endogenous substances ie. drugs, response produced by the drug%27s action, affinity and intrinsic activity to receptorstimulate your students , NOT Drugs hormones NT Peptides, the process of a chemical occupying a receptor, drugs that do not combine, the quantity of drug administered at one time, when chemcial leaves receptor site, drugs that alter beh., cog. fun. or emotions, study of the effects of drugs on beh.,cog. fun.,emotions ESL , a non-food chemcial that affects biological processes , how a drug produces its effect printable , chemicals produced within an organism that carry out biologic,