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New Friends 1 Unit 5 vocabulary

Wybierz angielskie odpowiedniki polskich słów i zwrotów.

1. czarny
black, paint, terrible, What fun!
2. niebieski
blue, paint, favourite, jacket
3. brązowy
brown, Look at..., colour, black
4. kolor
colour, bad, red, brown
5. ulubiony
favourite, fun, pink, black
6. results history zabawa
fun, white, I don%27t know., green
7. zielony
green, This is..., What colour is...?, yellow
8. Nie wiem.
I don%27t know., bad, This is..., What colour is...?
9. kurtka
jacket, bad, blue, green
10. Spójrz na...
Look at..., black, What colour is...?, colour
11. pomarańczowy
orange, red, black, Look at...
12. web 2.0 farba
paint, black, orange, Look at...
13. quiz generator różowy
pink, fun, Look at..., yellow
14. czerwony
red e-learning , favourite, colour, white
15. okropny
terrible, blue online activities , fun, bad
16. To jest...
This is..., white, black, yellow
17. improve results Jakiego koloru jest...?
What colour is...?, white, What fun!, yellow
18. Ale zabawa!
What fun!, red, bad, yellow
19. educational games biały
white, What fun! educational activities , favourite, pink
20. żółty
yellow quiz builder , white, terrible, red