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BVU Adv 7/1

What word is being defined?

1. * (verb) if a company does it to its workers, it continues to employ them for a long time Example: It%27s increasingly difficult to recruit and r_______ good staff.
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2. * (verb) to stop existing as an organization, or to make something do this Example: If they do not find resources, museums will have to d_______ sell or hand over collections.
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3. * (adj) _______ business/activities/operations are the main business or activities of a company or organization Example: The c_______ business of airlines is flying people and cargo from place to place.
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4. * (noun) special skills or knowledge in a particular subject, that you learn by experience or training Example: His e________ will be invaluable to understanding technological challenges the BBC is facing.
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5. * (adj) very important because what happens in the future depends on it Example: The next few months could be c_______ for the whole mining industry.
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