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pictorial systems

Crossword hints:
This word stands for right angles between planes or lines. Mainly it refers to the projecting lines forming 90º with the projection planes., lines and numbers that tells us the acurate lengths for every part of any piece. They are used in axonometric as well as in multi view drawings. , The result of the intersection of the projecting rays with a picture or reference plane. In practice it is the same than the views of an object or a drawing., Is a system of representation that uses projections to describe the elements represented in two projection planes. , The projection of the figure on the frontal projection plane. It is also called Front view., Is an auxiliary view for figures. It may represent either the right side view or the left side view., The projection of the figure on the horizontal projection plane. It is also called top view. , Type of pictorial system consisting in three coordinates planes which form thre axes., Thin lines, perpendicular to the object edges as well as to the dimension lines, used to show clearly wich parts of an object a dimension is referring., They are used in dimensioning for giving aditional information in a short way about the dimension of an object. They are little shapes or drawings that help to understand the dimension in relation wit, Is a kind of orthographic axonometry whose axes form equal angles of 120º with each other., Type of oblique axonometric system wich always shows a right angle between two of its axes.,

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