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Matura voc: School 1d extended

staff, to graduate, optional, sloppy quiz generator , creative, an examiner, education, pet (adj) computer assisted language learning , a pupil, a break, to fail, to reprimand mix questions , a teacher, to prepare, passive, insolent,

to get ready, to gear (yourself) up, a tutor, a educator, a governess , an observer, an inspector, a monitor, to pass, to qualify, to get through, to sail through, rude, cheeky, irreverent, impertinent, artistic, innovative, original, imaginative, favourite, preferred, best-loved, a pause, an interruption, a gap, lax, shoddy, careless, docile, meek, submissive, personnel, workforce, human resources, voluntary, discretionary, to scold, lecture, tell sb off, reproach school , to go wrong, to collapse, to go nowhere, to fall through, a student, a schoolboy, a schoolgirl, a schoolchild, training, study, learning, tutoring,