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Matura Voc. School 1c extended

1. Joe was disciplined for being i# toward the teacher.
uspended, , web page,
2. IT is now on the c# in most schools.
ruant, computer assisted language learning , ,
3. Working under pressure to meet a d# had a motivating effect.
bsence, , ,
4. You don%27t have to do French - it%27s o#.
urriculum, create online activities , ,
5. He dropped out of the eighth grade, but before that he was a t# of long standing.
ptional, interactive learning , ,
6. Ms Leighton will be in charge during my a# (=while I am away).
loppy, crossword maker , ,
7. Martinez was s# for a week because he attacked another student.
raduate, , ,
8. The new law reduces the number of p# per class in the first four years of schooling.
eadline, , ,
9. At one point, he hired a young college g# to help.
nsolent, , ,