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CTE IT Intern 13week BM

1. You copy a magazine article and include it in your online article without obtaining permission from the magazine publisher. What kind of an action is this?
2. Artificial intelligence is the study and design of intelligent agents.
Windows Movie Maker, iTunes, Photoshop, Garageband,
3. You are unable to view a video by using the media player on your computer. What can you do so that you can view it?
4. Rebooting a Windows computer will fix MANY basic software problems.
Email attachments, USB thumb drives, Malicious websites, All choices,
5. You want to send an e-mail to two friends. You do not want the second friend to see the email-id of your first friend. Which field should you select to mark your first friend’s email id?
6. You review a Microsoft Word 2010 document. You need to replace a word with another word of the same meaning. Which feature can you use to do this?
BCC, CC prepare quiz , Subject activity , To,
7. A netbook is a type of laptop/notebook.
Trojan horse, Anti-spyware/malware/virus, Worm, Ethernet,
8. When you run several programs simultaneously on your computer, the programs slow down considerably. What is the reason for this?
Edit Video, Create handouts, Perform calculations, Create slideshows,
9. Which types of Internet connectivity are referred to as %22high-speed%22 Internet? Select two.
Nonfunctional mouse, Nonfunctional keyboard class website , Low monitor speed, Insufficient RAM,
10. Cloud storage refers to ....
Store the video as a data file on a CD., Transfer the video through the Internet., Add special effects to the video., Convert the video from the existing format to another format,
11. The GIMP is an open-source, free equivalent to which other program?
MyPicnic.mp3, MyPicnic.wmv, MyPicnic.doc class web page , MyPicnic.jpg,
12. Which program can help you detect and prevent malicious activities on your computer?
Ctrl, Uppercase, Insert, Shift,
13. Every day, you receive e-mail messages from unknown senders. What is the term for this type of security threat?
Slander, Libel, Plagiarism, Defemation,
14. You save a video of your family picnic by using the name MyPicnic. You want to edit this video before sharing it with your friends. Which file will you open to edit the video?
USB port, Parallel port, Sound card, Graphics card,
15. What are the functions of an operating system? Select two.
AutoCorrect, Research, Thesaurus, Copy and Paste,
16. Computer programming is the process of writing instructions to the computer to tell it what and how to do something.
Detects viruses, Allocates memory usage, Run programs, Scan images,
17. Which two tasks can you perform by using a presentation program? Select two.
Web developer, Database programmer, Network administrator, Graphics designer,
18. Other than the CAPS LOCK key, which keyboard key can you use to insert uppercase letters in a document?
19. Clip Art (in Microsoft Office 2010 applications) can be defined as: A collection of professional designed images that can be inserted into a document, presentation, or presentation
Spam, Slander, Spoofing, Phishing,
20. Malware and viruses can be spread from computer-to-computer by:
21. The term %22hacker%22 ALWAYS denotes a person who uses a computer for nefarious purposes.
22. The CD/DVD tray on your computer can also double as a cup/beverage holder.
Cable, Dial-up, DSL, 2G,
23. What is the Backstage View in Office 2010 applications?
TRUE, FALSE distance learning , prepare quiz ,
24. Which components are used to connect a computer to a printer? Select two.
A place to store your stuff when you move out of your old apartment and into a new one, A yummy dessert, Saving files on the Internet, An anti-virus program,