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S2 - EOC - 1970%27s %26 1980%27s Presidential Kubbu

***Due on Friday or Monday*** 1. Read pages 886-903 before attempting the Kubbu. 2. Match the descriptions with the appropriate president. 3. Complete the exercise until scoring at least 90%25 in order to earn homework credit.

Ford, Carter, Reagan, group_name4,

interactive learning pardoned Nixon, took over as president upon Nixon%27s resignation, Republican candidate for president in 1976, Democratic candidate for president in 1976, portrayed himself as an honest Washington outsider, tried to create a a sense of informality at White House, completed treaty to eventually give up P. Canal, brockered Camp David Accords with Israel %26 Egypt, Iranian Hostage Crisis began when in office, refused participation in 1980 Moscow Olympics, gave up on SALT II when Soviets invaded Afghanistan, former Governor of California, Republican candidate for president in 1980, %22Teflon%22 president, computer assisted language learning supply-side economics, supporter of SDI also known as %22Star Wars%22, Iran-Contra Affair, held high level meetings with Gorbachev , won elections in 1980 and 1984,