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J2 U1 Kakunin Test

1. Masahiro is a # name.
call back, , ,
2. A: My name is Harry. B: Is that H-A-R-R-Y? A: _____ _____.
, ,
3. Tom is a # name.
first name, , ,
4. Choose the correct abbreviation (短縮形): Doctor
Mr., Mrs., Mist., Mt.,
5. Listen and write the word in English.
Doc., Dt., Doct.,
6. Choose the correct abbreviation (短縮形): Professor
Prof., Pr., Pro., Pfs.,
7. Dorman is a # name.
first, last e-learning , Answer_3_(optional),
8. David is a # name.
first, last, Answer_3_(optional),
9. Listen and write the word in English.
last ESL , Answer_3_(optional),
10. Can, I, have, your, name, please,?
first, last, Answer_3_(optional),
11. another word for last name is ______ (choose 2).
first, lastweb page, Answer_3_(optional),
12. Listen and write the word in English.
last, Answer_3_(optional),
13. Listen and write the word in English.
surname, end name, nice name,
14. Choose the correct abbreviation (短縮形): Mister
That%27s right, , ,
15. Tanaka is a # name.
undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined,