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Unit XVI - EOC - Chapter 32 - PART TWO - PROTEST and ACTIVISM

1. Enjoy the amazing relevations provided on pages 860-869 before doing this activity. 2. Use the electronic flashcards in the %22familiarize%22 section before doing this exercise. 3. Complete the exercise until scoring at least 90%25 in order to earn full credit.

Equal Pay Act, Stonewall, Roe versus Wade, first trimester, Ms., Feminine Mystique teaching , United Farm Workers, Don%27t Ask, Don%27t Tell, Chicano, Earth Day, Sandra Day O%27Connor, Exxon Valdez, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Equal Rights Amendment improve results , Silent Spring, bracero program,

union of agricultural workers led by Cesar Chavez, provided the right to choose whether to have an abortion , COULD provide Constitutional protections to women, tanker disaster in 80%27s that polluted Alalskan shoreline, time in which one can legally have an abortion, made it illegal to pay women less than men, term for Mexican Americans emphasizing ethnic identity, Friedan book arguing surburban wives were exploited , Clinton policy for homosexuals serving in the military, adopted to note that a woman%27s marital status didn%27t matter, annual oberservance of the need to protect nature , 1960%27s riot between homosexuals and NYC police grading , 1940%27s-1960%27s short term farm jobs for Mexicans , Carson%27s book on the polluting of the environment by chemicals, -tries to reduce air %26 water pollution -Nixon supported, -first female Sup. Court justice -appointed by Reagan in 80%27s,