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Present simple (affirmative)

Choose a verb to complete the sentences

studies, drives, write, catches, sees, watches class website , text, tidy, listens quiz , cooks, do, plays, writes, watch, study, work, go, put on, live, drinks, teach web tool , drink, teaches print quizzes , like, does, combs, does, spends create online activities , lives, works class website , does, catch, runs, sing, play, ride, eats create online quizzes , wash, walk, wears build your own quiz , puts on, have, coaches, have online quizzes , has, stays, shaves, cook, washes invite students , rides, wake up, listen, get, goes, drive, wakes up, reads, read, eat, take, brushes invite students , bark, sings, walks,

My mum often ____ Chinese food.web page, I ___ home late on Fridays., I usually _____ pasta for dinner., My dad ____ every morning. web tool , We ______ basketball., My cat only _____ meat!, He ____ a football team., My cousin _____ poems., Avril Lavigne ______ beautifully., Those dogs ____ all the night!, He _____ the piano., I ___ English at secondary school., Their mum never _____ wine., I never ____ hair gel., I ____ the bus to school., My grandma ____ for a walk every afternoon., She ______ at 7am every day., In summer he ___ with his grandparents. educational games , I ____ English at school. online quizzes , She _____ her friends after school., She______ yoga once a week., I _____ my bike every day., My dad ____ me to school every day., I ___ later at weekends., Mary ____ to school., I _____ the schoolbus., They _____ TV every evening., They ______ swimming twice a week., My mum ____ a lot of musicals!, We ____ a shower every day., That guard ___ a red jacket., We ____ cola with pizza., My sister ___ her hair every day! dynamic quiz , He never ___ horror books., I ____ my room every Saturday. assess performance , We ______ in London., She ____ the 7.15 train to London., We ____ pizza once a week., Lucy ____ ballet on Mondays., My brother never ______ his teeth after meals., She _____ in a little village., His aunt _____ in a hospital., I ____ some emails every day save time , She ______ a lot of time in her bedroom., I often ____ comics , We ____ pizza!, She _____ a red bycicle., We ____ on a farm., The fish ______ its special food., You always _____ your homework!, We usually ___ Italian food., Mr Boyle ____ Maths., I _____ to music every afternoon., He always ____ to rock music., My mum never ___ make-up., I always _____ my hands before meals., She ____ her hair for hours. teacher , Lisa _____ German., That boy ___ a lot!, They ____ their dog in the park., He ______ sport quite regularly., They ____ gospel songs., I always ____ a cold in winter!, I ___ my friends with my mobile phone.,