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Mixed (Medium)

1. Which sentence is correct:
She buyed and expensive car., She had buyed an expensive car., She bought an expensive car., She boughted an expensive car.
2. %22Would you like to play some video games?%22 Please choose the best answer:
My favorite video game is Monster Hunter., I have three video games., Yes, I%27d love to!, Nintendo DS.
3. Which sentence is correct?
I%27d like any tea, please., I like some tea, please., I like a tea, please., I%27d like some tea, please.
4. Which word is different?
great, fantastic, amazing, awful
5. Good ____ on the test! I hope it goes well. Choose the missing word:
best, bye computer assisted language learning , take, luck
6. web 2.0 %22Excuse me. Do you know what time it is?%22 Please choose the best answer:
Good morning! ESL , It%27s three clock., I%27m sorry, I don%27t know. I don%27t have a watch., Yes, I do. It%27s seven in the p.m.
7. Which sentence is correct?
I%27m sorry. I can%27t go to the party., I%27m sorry. I no can go to the party., I%27m sorry. It%27s party is can%27t go., I%27m sorry. I can go not to the party.