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World Wide Web

1. HTML code that can mark a position in the document.
anchor, paragraph, body, HTML
2. In web browsing software, a button that lets the user move back among the pages previously viewed.
forward, refresh, back, stop
3. In HTML code, tells the browser the tagged text will be displayed visibly on the web page;
paragraph, italics, bold, body
4. A file sent along with an email message.
recipent, sender, attachment, image
5. teaching To send email messages to email addresses in a field that is not viewable to other recipients.
CC prepare quiz , BC, Re:, Send
6. A link to a web page, web resource, or offline resource stored in a web browser
bookmark, link, hypertext, cookie
7. To send email messages to email addresses other than the primary recipient.
CC, BC, Re., To:
8. The legal right that protects people who create works from having their creations used and distributed without their permission;
plagarism, copyright, usage, AUP
9. A set of rules, principles, or standards that dictate proper conduct in the use of technology.
copyright, internet, intranet, ethics
10. A security system that monitors information moving to and from a computer network and prevents unauthorized users from accessing the network.
security setting, keyweb page, firewall, password
11. A local area network which functions similarly to the Internet but which is designed internally for a particular organization
intranet, internet, hyperlink, homepage
12. Taking someone’s words or ideas and using them as if they were your own; plagiarism is a violation of copyright.
copyright, AUP, citation, plagiarism
13. To send a file from a networked computer to a central computer or a server.
upload, download, save, delete
14. A discussion topic and all of its replies, as posted online on a bulletin board or in discussion group.
reply, thread, bulletin, discussion
15. A command that updates that restarts the downloading process of Internet content; often used in web browsers.
restart, refresh, redo, undo