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Computer Formatting Skills

Ascending Sort Tool distance learning , smart quotes, straight quotes, bold quiz builder , Copy , paste, text wrap, sorting quiz builder , spell check, cut, redo, Descending Sort tool, font, alignment , style class web page , undo,

reverse alphabetical order from Z to A, marks that denotes inches orfeet, converts straight quotes to inverted commas , attribute that shows the way text looks, reverses an undo command printable , removes a selected item from a document, command that copies a selected item for placement, reverses the last action, style of letters, numbers, and other characters, places a copied item on the page create online activities , corrects misspelled words, arranges records in order, sort alphabetically from A to Z, or from lowest to highest number., makes text look heavier and darker, Positioning of data relative to a fixed point, text flows around an object,