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TKAM Chapters 22-26 Review

1. What name does Aunt Alexandra call Atticus after they return home from the trial?
friend, lover, silly head, brother
2. What is Atticus%27 next plan regarding Tom Robinson?
he plans to drop the case for good, he plans to appeal the guilty verdict, he plans to consult another lawyer for a second opinion, he plans to move away and forget the trial ever happened
3. Why does Miss Maudie think the jury%27s long deliberation is a baby step?
because one of the jury members was a baby, because they at least considered the idea of Tom%27s innocence, because the jury thinks Tom Robinson acted like a baby, because they took small steps when they entered the courtroom
4. When does Atticus notice something is bothering Jem?
after Jem stops eating sweets, after Jem tosses a new football magazine aside, after Jem violently pushes Scout to the ground, after Jem tries to run away to Meridian with Dill
5. What will happen to Tom Robinson if his appeal fails?
he%27ll be sent to the electric chair, he%27ll be set free, he%27ll vanish into thin air, he%27ll be hanged
6. Why couldn%27t Miss Maudie serve on Tom%27s jury?
women didn%27t have enough time to serve on juries, Alabama women weren%27t allowed to serve on juries in the 1930s, women had the option to say %22no%22 when asked to serve on a jury, women would rather be witnesses than jury members
7. What information prompts Scout to want to ask Walter Cunningham to dinner at their house?
Mr. Cunningham thanked Scout for talking to him outside the jail, Scout learns the Cunninghams are secretly wealthy, a Cunningham was on the jury and wasn%27t conviced Tom was guilty, Scout realizes Walter likes her, and she likes him back
8. How does Aunt Alexandra react when Scout mentions inviting Walter Cunningham to their house?
she ignores the children and walks away, avoiding the situation, she says Scout will most certainly not invite him over again, she calls Atticus back into the room to survey the situation, she agrees that it%27s the right thing to do
9. What future plan does Jem reveal to Scout?
he tells her about his plans to join the football team next year, he tells her about his detailed plans to run away , he tells her he wants to quit school because of the strict rules, he tells her he wants to become a lawyer like Atticus
10. Where are Jem and Dill when Scout helps Calpurnia serve Aunt Alexandra%27s group of ladies?
they are off enacting Boo Radley plays again, Jem is teaching Dill how to swim at Barker%27s Eddy, they are hitchhiking to Meridian, they are wandering around the neighborhood and causing trouble
11. elearning How does Miss Maudie keep Scout from overreacting when she sits with the group of ladies?
she squeezes her hand, and Scout feels its warmth, she kicks her underneath the table, she stares at her with daggers in her eyes, she doesn%27t keep Scout from overreacting
12. What news does Atticus return home with during the ladies%27 meeting?
news of Tom Robinson%27s unfortuante death, news of Bob Ewell%27s spitting incident, news of Boo Radley%27s sudden appearance, news of Dill%27s sudden return to Meridian
13. %22%27Calpurnia%27s on an errand for a few minutes, Grace,%27 said Miss Maudie.%22 What is this an example of?
dramatic irony, situational irony, metaphor, imagery
14. Why does Jem say Scout shouldn%27t smash the roly-poly?
the roly-poly might transform into a monster once it is smashed, smashing it would bring them seven years of bad luck, it never did anything to her, so she shouldn%27t do anything to it, it%27s a sin to smash a roly-poly
15. What important event were Jem and Dill a part of that Scout was not?
they got to help Miss Maudie plant flowers in her garden, their picture was in the paper because of a fish they caught, they were able to drive Heck Tate%27s car around town, they went with Atticus and Cal to deliver the news of Tom%27s death
16. %22%27Scout,%27 Dill said, %27she just fell down in the dirt. Just fell down in the dirt, like a giant with a big foot just came along and stepped on her%27%22 (240). What is this an example of?
metaphor online education , foreshadowing, alliteration, simile
17. In the editorial he publishes in his paper, what does Mr. Underwood liken Tom Robinson%27s death to?
the death of an innocent roly-poly, the smashing of old buildings with wrecking balls, the Dewey Decimal System, the senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters and children
18. How does Atticus reveal his knowledge of Jem, Dill, and Scout%27s past foray through the collard patch and onto Boo Radley%27s porch?
he mentions a size-four footprint, he says he knows the children spit on the gate to quiet it, he mentions the window the try to peek through, he talks about Jem%27s folded pants
19. When was Scout forced to think about the people of Maycomb?
while she slept, during her Current Events presentations in third grade, when Aunt Alexandra drilled her about the people of Maycomb, during Tom Robinson%27s appeal at the courthouse
20. What is the name of Scout%27s third grade teacher?
Mr. Deas, Mrs. Dubose, Miss Gates, Miss Caroline
21. Why does Jem scream at Scout?
she squishes a roly-poly in his bedroom, she mentions Miss Gates%27 hypocrisy at the courthouse online quizzes , she talks about Dill, and Jem misses Dill terribly, she says she hates football