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Christianity Review

This review will help you prepare for a short assessment over our 2-class mini-unit on Christianity. If you can make a 100%25 on this game three times in a row, you should do well. You will need to play more than once to see all of the questions.

Christians believe that Jesus was, resurrection, Paul, hierarchy, Apostles, Peter, Trinity, Parables were stories told by Jesus that used _____., Crucifixion printable , The 12 Disciples, Judaea and Galilee, doctrine, 3 ways Rome%27s existence helped spread Christianity, Catacombs, Jewish, persecute, Jesus said love God with all your heart,mind, soul, %26 strength. %2b, Church, Constantine online activities , Easter dynamic quiz , Messiah (Gr. Christos), Sermon on the Mount activity , martyr, What scripture is shared by Jews %26 Christians?, Christians believe you will gain salvation if you , Pope, Christmas, laity, gospel, Examples of Parables, Reason Romans feared Jesus, clergy,

The ethnic and religious background of Jesus, from the Latin for %22father%22- title given to the bishop of Rome, deliverer - someone who would save the people, %22good news%22 - account of Jesus%27 life in the New Testament, Christian celebration of Jesus%27 resurrection, The region where Jesus%27 3-year ministry took place, regular church members, rising from the dead; Christians believe Jesus rose again, a person willing to die rather than give up his/her beliefs, organization with different levels of authority, Christian miss-ionary %26 author of much of the New Testament, the close followers of Jesus class page , Christians%27 Old Testament = the Hebrew Bible, accept the teachings of Jesus Christ, communities for worship and teaching, safety/peace roads common language prepare quiz , Christian celebration of Jesus%27 birth, the Son of God, official church teaching, Good Samaritan Lost Sheep Prodigal Son, concept of one God in 3 forms-Father, Son, %26 Holy Spirit, events from everyday life to express spiritual ideas, Christian emporer who made Christianity legal, Underground burial places , A message which included many of Jesus%27 key points, Love your neighbor as yourself, Execution by cross; used for rebels and low-class criminals, to mistreat a person because of his/her beliefs or differences school , His huge following might disrupt Roman law and order, the earliest Christian leaders, leaders of the church (ex: ministers, pastors, priests), Disciple and apostle who founded the church in Rome,