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Word of the Day set 2

Match your word of the day to the correct definition.

timid, indecisive, ferocious, appreciative, conceited, predictable, envious, gullible, sensible generate answer keys , pessimistic, irritable elearning , optimistic, bold, humble, patriotic, stern,

not able to make up ones mind, when someone is easily cheated or tricked, very cruel, mean, fierce or angry, easily able to figure out, having or showing a good sense of judgement, wanting what someone else has, easily made angry, not thinking too much of yourself class web page , inspired by a love of your country elearning , thankful and grateful, shy, looking on the dark side of things; very negative, having a very high opinion of yourself; having a high ego prepare quiz , without fear; brave, harsh, strict, firm, looking on the bright side of things; being positive,