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Match the jobs to their description

baker, lecturer, secretary, newsagent online learning games , chef, doctor, firefighter, musician, librarian, vet, traffic warden, electrician, caretaker, plumber, postwoman online activities , manager, reporter, estate agent, pilot, worker, director, fashion designer online education , builder, surveyor, painter, nurse, playwright, scientist, soldier, engineer, chemist, sailor, accountant, artist distant learning , author, cleaner, babysitter, butcher, journalist, actor, optician, model, waitress, architect, judge, cabin crew, lawyer, presenter,

treats people who are ill / sick or injured, runs a business or an organization, fits and repairs water pipes, writes books, designs and builds engines, machines, roads, a person who teaches at a university or college create online quizzes , decides how to punish criminals, does physical work in a factory crossword maker , sells glasses, represents people in court, paints and creates works of art, collects news for newspapers, radio or television test , takes care of a building such as a school, prepares and sells medicines, works on a ship as a member of the crew, sells houses and land for people, keeps or checks financial accounts, wears and shows new styles of clothes, writes plays for the theatre, television or radio , cleans other people’s houses or offices educational games , collects and delivers letters, performs on the stage, on television or in films, studies one or more of the natural sciences, i.e. chemistry, designs clothes, operates the controls of an aircraft, prepares food in a restaurant, serves customers at their tables in a restaurant, takes care of passengers on a plane, connects and repairs electrical equipment elearning , introduces the different sections of a radio or TV programme, tells the actors and staff what to do while making a film/movie, builds or repairs houses or other buildings, owns or works in a shop selling newspapers and magazines, works in an office, dealing with letters, phone calls, etc., examines pieces of land or buildings, puts out fires, treats animals who are sick or injured, write news stories for newspapers and magazines, takes cares of babies while their parents are away from home, paints buildings, walls, a member of an army, plays a musical instrument or writes music, works in a library, checks that people do not park their cars in the wrong place, cuts up and sells meat in a shop, bakes and sells bread and cakes, takes care of sick or injured people, usually in a hospital, designs buildings,