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Form 6 prepositions

Selles mängus kordame eessõnu nimisõnade ees. Leia õiged paarid!

on, in, at, in, on, at, in, at, in, on, in, in online quizzes , from create online tests , in, at, for, six years, on, at, at , on, in, at, at, at, in, on, on, on,

the morning, the 21st century, a cold morning, Saturday, a beautiful day, Wednesday, the beginning of the summer crossword maker , April, spring, home, 6 o%27clock, 2010, school, ago, last, noon, my birthday, 2003 to 2009, night, the party, summer quiz , April 28, midnight, the middle, Sunday, autumn, Friday morning, winter, five years,