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Present simple (Terza persona singolare)

tick the correct answers

1. do
dus, doe, das, does
2. online study
studies, studis, studiys, studyies
3. cry
cryies, cries, cryis, craies
4. pass
passis online quizzes , passes, passe, pass
5. say
saies, sais, seies, says
6. arrive
arrivess, arrivies, arrives, arrive
7. dynamic quiz listen
listens, lissens, listen, listenes
8. english try
trais, tries, tryis, tryies
9. online activities eat
eat, eates, eats, eatis
10. stay
stais, staies, steis, stays
11. come
comies, comes, coms, commes
12. drink
drinks, drinkes, drinkis, drinkies
13. sit
sites, sitts educational activities , sits, sities
14. write
wrote, writes educational activities , writies, writis