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12.2 Simple Machines

scissors, screw, third class lever, forearm, block and tackle, hammer, wedge , lever family, compound machine, fulcrum, inclined plane family, wheelbarrow, simple machine, arm, second class lever, first class lever print quizzes ,

one of the six basic types, the basis for all other machines , multiple pulleys combined in a single unit, this family includes a hammer, pulley, wheel %26 axle, Ex: a second class lever example create online quizzes , Ex: compound machine composed of a wedge%26 2 levers, this lever has output force opposite the fulcrum, Ex: two inclined planes, back to back, this family includes a ramp, wedge, and screw, this lever has the fulcrum in the middle prepare quiz , the point around which the rigid arm rotates in a lever, a machine made of two or more simple machines, the rigid portion of a lever, which rotates around a fulcrum, this lever has input force opposite the fulcrum, Ex: third class lever example, Ex: first class lever example, Ex: an inclined plane wrapped around a rod,