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Using Symbols for note taking

arrow down, yr/yrs, p, #, wrt, A foward arrow, i.e., esp., w/o, b/4 test , pp, min. create online activities , gov%27t educational games , max., @, arrow up, e.g., A backwards arrow, /, etc., b/c dynamic quiz , ASAP, a backwards %22p%22 with double lines, w/i ,

leads to, produces, causes, makes, government, without, come from, is the result of, decreased, decreasing, lowering, paragraph interactive , maximum, that is, for example, especially, page, et cetera, so forth printable , fefore educational activities , year, years, because, write, per crossword maker , pages, at, minimum online learning games , as soon as possible, increased, increasing, goes up, rises, within, number,