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Organisational system security

Scanner, Software updating, biometrics, Backups, lock and key security, Malicious damage , Security personnel, Encryption, Firwall, Human error, Anti - virus (Virus checking software), Handshaking , Counterfeit goods, Strong Password quiz , Technical failture, Natural disaster,

There is a need to secure mobile devices, Block unwanted traffic from entering network, technology uses finger prints, retinal scans and voice recognitionweb page, Uses letters(upper and lower case) nos and symbols learning , Equipment stops functioning with out human intervention learning , Ensuring the system is safe from latest virus attack, Distributing copied software goods, A process where devices agree a method of communication, Where data is copied in case of system failure, Floods, fire, earthquake etc, can damage a system, Purposely breaking, and attacking a system, Software is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware, Wireless systems are vulnerable if no encryption , People making mistake, Someone who monitor the building, and enviroment, Method of converting data into unintelligible ,