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Animal similes

Many of the most common similes compare people to animals. You have 15 seconds per question to choose the right animal in the next 15 comparisons.

1. short answer questions My dog is not aggressive, he%27s as gentle as a ....
kitten, squirrel, lamb, hare
2. I%27ll never eat it again. I was as sick as a ..... last night.
pig, dog, horse, squirrel
3. Mark can give you a hand moving the furniture. He%27s as strong as a ....
fox, horse, camel, donkey
4. I can’t talk right now. I’m as busy as a/an ....
ant, beaver, bee, ox
5. active teaching I couldn’t grab it. It’s as slippery as an/a .....
bat, bunny, snail, eel
6. He’ll never change his mind. He’s as stubborn as a ....
mule, lamb, donkey, sheep
7. She’s in good spirits today. She’s as happy as a ....
lark, dog, bunny, eel
8. Get him to lift it. He’s as strong as an ...
dog, owl, eel, ox
9. He can’t see a thing. He’s as blind as a ....
bat, bee, bunny, lark
10. She felt free like a .... after the examinations.
lark, bunny, peacock, bird
11. Peter started playing as eager as a ....
weasel, otter, hamster, beaver
12. She attacked us with her questions as angry as a ....
bee, hornet, lion, boar
13. He talked about his family as proud as a ...
peacock, bear, fox, tiger
14. He acted as brave as a ....
wolf, bear, lion, tiger
15. activity John is as fast as a ....., no one can beat him.
deer, rhino, cheetah, dog
16. create online tests Yesterday my friend was as fierce as a ..... when she found out I had lost her ear rings.
lion, polar bear, tiger, hornet
17. After the lessons I was as hungry as a .... and I rushed to the canteen to get a bite.
dog, crocodile, wolf, sloth
18. John is sometimes as mad as a March ... and I can%27t stand the music he makes then.
goose, ostrich, monkey, hare
19. Ian returned from the walk as wet as a drowned .....
kitten, rat, dog, puppy
20. Don%27t be as silly as a ...., you can do better, I%27m sure.
goose, turkey, mule, donkey