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Character Traits

Match each character trait with its definition.

Ruthless, Unassuming, Fickle, Cunning, Cordially, Indifferent, Submissive, Meek, Surly, Uncompromising, Pompous, Defiant, Hesitant, Haughty grading , Skeptical, Assertive, Menacing menace, Perceptive, Noble, Reckless,

snobbish, trouble maker, friendly, doubtful ESL , unfriendly/ rude , righteous/ good, self-confident, uncaring, humble, moody/ inconsistent/ changes mind/ indecisive, disobedient, sneakiness/ sneaky, down-to-earth/ ordinary , irresponsible/ thoughtless/ unconcerned interactive , inflexible/ stubborn, arrogant/ snobbish, understanding/ observant/ aware/ insightful quiz generator , accommodating/ compliant/ control, cold blooded/ cruel , uncertain/ not sure,