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Are you hungry?

Where can I buy pizza in Korat?, What%27s your favorite Thai food?, Does your father drink a lot of beer?, Do you like TANDOORI CHICKEN?, Can you cook Indian food?, Is your mother a good cook?, Do you drink coffee sometimes? , Are you hungry?, Do you like Japanese food?, What%27s STICKY RICE in Thai?, What time do you have lunch?, What do you like on pizza?, Is ISAAN food spicy?, Did you eat breakfast this morning?, What%27s GAI YANG in English?, What%27s your favorite soda?,

Sausage and mushrooms., I like Pepsi. mix questions , Yes, I do., At 12 Noon., No, I like tea., Yes, I love Indian food., No, I can%27t. online quizzes , It%27s GRILLED CHICKEN., Yes, I am., No, he doesn%27t., Yes, it is., Yes, she is., I love Shrimp TOM YUM., No, I didn%27t., It%27s KHAO NIAO. class website , At The Mall.,