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Daily routine

Complete the sentences choosing among A-B-C-D. Only one is correct.

1. Our grandparents often
gos to the cinema on Saturday., goes the cinema on Saturday., going to cinema on Saturday., go to the cinema on Saturday.
2. I always
gets up at six., get up at six., get up on six., gets ups at six.
3. School always
start at 7.50, starts at 7.50 teacher , starting at 7.50, starts on 7.50
4. John
never is late, is never late educational activities , be never late, bes never late
5. Alex and I
sometimes have lunch in the home., sometimes haves lunch at home., sometimes have lunch at home, have sometimes lunch at home
6. My English teacher
always driving to school, always drive to school, always drives to school, alway drives to school.
7. Brian%27s parents
work in a big restaurant., works in a big restaurant, working in a big restaurant, work in a restaurant big
8. My sister usually
does his homework after lunch, dos her homework after lunch e-learning , does her homework after lunch, does her homeworks after lunch
9. invite students They rarely
send emails., sending emails. , sends emails, sendes emails
10. online learning games I go
at football practice twice a week., to football practice twice in week, in football practice twice a week, to football practice twice a week
11. Alice%27s father
always start work at 9.00 a.m., always starts work at 9.00 a.m., always start works at nine a.m., starts always work at 9.00 a.m.
12. interactive learning My sister
sometimes plays volleyball with her friends, plays sometimes volleyball with her friends., sometimes playing volleyball with her friends, sometimes plais volleyball with her friends.
13. Sarah often
watches tv in her free time., watchs tv in her free time, watch tv in her free time, watchis tv in her free time
14. We usually
has dinner in the kitchen., have dinner in the kitchen, haves dinner in the kitchen, have dinner at the kitchen
15. My aunt Mary
teachis foreign languages , teach foreign languages, teaches foreign languages, teaching foreign languages
16. My father
works in an office., workes in an office., workis in an office., work in an office.