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S2 - World War Two - MATCHING / PAIRS

*Take time to use the virtual flashcards before attempting this activity. *Please complete the activity until scoring 90%25 in order to earn credit.

Manhattan project, What was included in the European Front?, George Patton, 1939-1945, theater, V-J Day assess performance , Allies, Harry Truman, D-Day, Normany or Operation Overlord, Atlantic Charter online quizzes , Operation Torch, appeasement web tool , Hirohito, Dutch East Indies or Netherland Indies teacher , Joseph Stalin, firebombing, Herbert Hoover, Alfred Landon, Wendell Wilkie, Thomas Dewey, Spanish Civil War, Korematsu versus United States, Loose Lips Sink Ships, double V, bases for destroyers, liberate, liberated or liberation, Final Solution, Calais, France, Allied Potsdam declaration to Japan, Manchuria, 1941, Fifth Column, Axis activity , draft, Life, Washington Disarmament Conference, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee, V-E Day, Battle of the Bulge, Franklin Roosevelt, Nye committee,

suggested greed of businessmen caused the Great War or WW One, 1944 Supreme Court case upholding internment, 1930%27s conflict in Western Europe , years of World War Two, set of war goals determined by Churchill and FDR, popular news and pop culture magazine, secret American effort to develop an atomic bomb during WW II , politician who took over as president of US after FDR%27s death, secret group carrying out efforts in stealthy fashion, American and British effort to liberate North Africa, free from enemy control, Nazi name for the Holocaust, Europe and North Africa, last major Germany offensive in Europe, 1. old American ships given 2. use of British installations, celebration of the surrender of Germany in May of 1945 , Germans felt would be D-Day site instead of Normandy, effort by AAs to fight Axis abroad %26 segregation in the United States, policy of giving into adversaries such as Hitler in 1930%27s educational games , Japanese cities attacked with atomic bombs, section of China aggressively invaded in 1930%27s, Republican candidates who lost to FDR in 1930%27s %26 1940%27s online , emperor of Japan during World War Two, pre war effort to limit the build up of navies, started by the United States in 1940 before Pearl Harbor, alliance of Germany, Japan and Italy during WW II, celebration of surrender of Japan in August of 1945, year in which the US declared war on the Axis, alliance of Britain, the Soviet Union and United States during WW II, careless conversation could assist the Axis, president of US from 1933 until death in 1945, surrender or face %22utter destruction%22, 1944 invasion of French coast as part of liberation of France, tough, Allied general from European Theater, area of fighting such as the Pacific or European front, former, WW II era names for Indonesiaweb page, premier of Soviet Union during World War Two, prime ministers of Britain during WW II online education , using napalm to create massive fires and destruction,