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S2 - World War Two - The FRONTS

*Carefully consider that there were three %22fronts%22 during World War Two known as the Pacific, European and Home Fronts. Match the ideas with the correct front.

Pacific FRONT, HOMEFRONT, European FRONT, group_name4,

invasion of Poland in 1939, attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, 1940 American draft, online quizzes Wendell Wilkie ran against Roosevelt in 1940, Axis invasion launched at Midway, Smith-Connally Act put limits on strikes , Holocaust occurred , Enigma used by Axis power, Stalingrad represented a turning point, completion of Guadalcanal airstrip blocked, Normandy invasion / Operation Overlord, Philippines occupied by Axis, Bataan death march took place, learning government gals, CORE held sit-in protests, Axis powers Germany and Italy, Empire of Japan, test Asa Randolph threatened to organize a DC march, Battle of the Bulge launched in 1944, atomic weapons used to end Axis resistance, e-learning atomic testing occurred at Alamogordo, english V-E Day, internment, Zoot suit riots, heavy American casualties at Iwo Jima, Operation Torch took place, France surrendered to Germans in 1940, Dutch East Indies were a prime Axis target, relocation centers, Tokyo firebombed by American planes, Douglas MacArthur, create online activities George Patton,