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Middle East news lingo

Please review the articles and flashcards before doing this activity. It needs to be completed until earning at least 90%25.

diplomacy, Washington says, Security Council, bilateral, cyber attack, legitimacy, Arab League, belligerent, Idlib, Supreme Council of Virtual space, multilateral class page , collateral damage, unilateral, Free Syrian Army, Marie Colvin, intranet,

local information exchange through a network, communication between nations to work out agreements, area where forces opposing Damascus have strength, individuals, usually civilians mistakenly killed during an attack, way of indicating %22United States government favors%22, Middle Eastern group which condemned Syrian actions , UN members which vote on international interventions class page , agreement made by two nations, agreement made by a group of nations, main group opposing Damascus government, reporter killed while covering stories in Syria, Iranian agency ordered to set internet policy, use of technology to disrupt business or routines, action taken by one nation, a nation involved in an armed conflict, relates to regime support from citizens / other nations,