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K 4 and 5: Reading Comprehension: The Rescued Cat

Read the poem. Answer the questions.

1. # What was used to save the cat?
Buddy, Sammy, Pete, Macy,
2. # What is the name of the dog in the poem?
proud, mad, sad, lonely,
3. # Who helped save the cat?
a policeman, a firefighter, a man, a woman,
4. The Rescued Cat Poem By: Judie Eberhardt On a hot, sunny summer day, My dog, Pete, wanted to play, We went outside happy as can be, Until he spotted a cat up a tree! He barked and barked, but not too loud, This really made me very proud, Pete wanted to free the frightened cat, But I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. How would I do it? I wondered aloud, The tree was so tall almost touching a cloud, I couldn’t climb, I might fall, Unless I find a ladder that was very tall! A man walked by and saw us stare, He decided to come and help this pair, He did get a ladder that could reach the cat, And brought him down, just like that! Pete was happy, and so was I, That this kind man came walking by, So now everyone is joyful as can be, Because that cat is no longer stuck in that tree!
a chair, a ladder, a table, food,