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BVU Adv 2/1*

Match the halves of the sentences from Unit 2 of the book.

We give them, They don%27t have to ask me, There is a general feeling, The people working under me, I don%27t believe, My subordinates, We have to check, All our employees can find quiz generator , The decisions they makestimulate your students , We encourage them, We don%27t discuss, This gives the employees the feeling, When everyone feels motivated,, It is authoritarian,, Decisions must be imposed, This leads to learning ,

in all this talk about motivation., are basically lazy., of well-being in the organization., have a direct impact on our success. learning , a higher sense of motivation among employees., what they are doing all the time., to use their initiative., need constant supervision., responsibility., from above without consultation., morale is good., but I think it%27s the only way of managing., about every decision they make. distance learning , satisfaction in what they do. save time , that they are valued. mix questions , decisions with workers.,