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BVU Adv 2/1*

Match the halves of the sentences from Unit 2 of the book.

The decisions they make, We encourage them, My subordinates, This leads to, It is authoritarian,, I don%27t believe, Decisions must be imposed, The people working under me, When everyone feels motivated,, We have to check, All our employees can find, This gives the employees the feeling, We don%27t discuss, They don%27t have to ask me, We give them, There is a general feeling,

decisions with workers., a higher sense of motivation among employees., that they are valued., in all this talk about motivation., need constant supervision. create online tests , are basically lazy., but I think it%27s the only way of managing., to use their initiative. elearning , from above without consultation., responsibility., satisfaction in what they do., have a direct impact on our success., about every decision they make., of well-being in the organization., morale is good., what they are doing all the time.,