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Short answers

Did Ana learn Economics at the high school?, Do you often listen to classical music?, Will Sara come with us?, Have you ever broken a bone?, Are you good at English?, Can you play the piano?, Did you have a good weekend?, Is it snowing?, Are your parents at home?, Has your sister taken a language exam? , Can Brian cook?, Are you and your sister reading in English?, Does Tom play baseball? language , Does your teacher speak French?, Has your father been to the US?, Will you do the washing up?,

No, she didn%27t., Yes, we did., No, she hasn%27t., No, I don%27t., Yes, I am., No, I can%27t., Yes, he does., No, she doesn%27t., No, she won%27t., Yes, I will., Yes, we are., No, it isn%27t., Yes, they are., No, he can%27t., No, he hasn%27t., No, I haven%27t.,