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Are you good at English?, Has your sister taken a language exam? , Will you do the washing up? build your own quiz , Have you ever broken a bone?, Does Tom play baseball?, Can you play the piano?, Has your father been to the US?, Did Ana learn Economics at the high school?, Are you and your sister reading in English?, Did you have a good weekend?, Will Sara come with us?, Do you often listen to classical music?, Can Brian cook?, Is it snowing?, Does your teacher speak French?, Are your parents at home? help students assimilate material ,

Yes, he does., No, he hasn%27t., No, it isn%27t., No, I can%27t. educational activities , Yes, we did., No, she didn%27t., No, I haven%27t., No, she hasn%27t., Yes, they are., No, she won%27t., Yes, I am., No, she doesn%27t., No, he can%27t., Yes, I will., Yes, we are., No, I don%27t.,